Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cranial Band Progress

Kal went in to have an adjustment on his cranial band.  He's had it for two months now.  His 'roundness ratio' is now 71%.  We understand that normal can be as low as 72%, so we were hoping this part of our journey would be over.

Turns out our goal is 78%, so he's probably going to be wearing it another couple of months.  I told the husband this (he, of course, is out of town.)  He said, "But he's already been wearing it two months."  I reminded him that four months was what we expected.  He said, "No, they told us two months."  Laughing, I pointed out that WE told each other it would probably be two months.  The docs always said 3-4.  Somehow we thought our son would excel at head growing.   

The band is starting to bother him, and he pulls at it sometimes.  His brother loves to grab hold of it and yank, leading Kal to scream bloody murder every time and mom comes running into the room expecting to find broken bones and blood.  Overall, though, it's not bad.  He doesn't complain when we put it on, unless we do it awkwardly and it pinches him.  When he's in a good mood he doesn't notice it at all.  It's just when he's tired and cranky already that he hates it.

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