Friday, May 28, 2010

Surgery Went Well!

Kal already seems to feel like nothing happened.  Mom stayed with me until both boys fell asleep, then headed home.  Tonight the boys and I are going to pick hubby up at the airport.  I made it through two weeks of full-time mommyhood!

Kal was really good all morning.  He wasn't allowed to eat anything after 3:00 a.m., so I set my alarm and got up at 2:30 to give him a bottle.  I was afraid of waking Henry, and didn't know how Kal would react to being woken up in the middle of the night.  Turns out there was no need to worry.  I got him out of his crib, sat in the rocking chair in the nursery and fed him a bottle by the light of the night-light.  I put him back in his crib, he tucked his knees up under himself and stuck his tush in the air.  He didn't make a peep or even open his eyes throughout the whole process!

I was glad I did the middle of the night feeding, because Kal was relatively happy when we got to the doc's office this morning.  He smiled at everyone and was charming.  He started to get cranky after we got him changed into his little hospital gown.  The hospital brought over a little TV and put on a Clifford movie, which satisfied him for a bit, but then he just became miserable.  Not only did he have to wake up early and skip breakfast, he is breaking a top tooth through and I wasn't allowed to give him Motrin.  I rocked him to sleep, and they came to get him.

This is where I broke down.  Those of us who spent a lot of time in the NICU become hardened to a certain extent to medical processes on our kids.  I've seen my boys through rounds of blood draws, transfusions, spinal taps, IVs, skin reactions to the IV adhesives, and I saw them through the time where merely being touched and awake was painful to them.  You hate it, but you know it is unavoidable and for their health so you deal.  I guess those emotional callouses have worn off, because when the took my sleeping baby from my arms and I saw him wake, confused, on the way to the operating room I completely broke down crying.  I pulled myself together quickly, waited a very short amount of time for the doc to report that all went well, then waited a longer time for Kal to recover.  Finally called back.  I was greeted by a very sad-faced bloody nosed Kal and had to fight to hold it together.  I greeted him with my brightest smile, promptly fed him a bottle and thankfully had him laughing by the time they let us go home.

Now he and Henry are fighting over toys.

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