Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Holy Shnikeys, I Have Kids!

When does this feeling go away?  I was playing with the boys the other day, and suddenly was struck with the reality that I am a parent.  These aren't just babies.  They're people.  I am in charge of raising two people to adulthood.  I am not only responsible for their safety and health, for changing diapers and managing naps.  I am responsible for teaching manners and helping with Algebra and Civics.  I'm in charge of teaching them to treat girls with respect, and how to do laundry and cook spaghetti.  I'm in charge of sports schedules and music lessons and carpools and college choices.  I'm in charge of "talking to kids about ____" smoking, drinking, drugs, sex.  I'm in charge of family vacations and setting curfews and making sure they wear their retainers. 

Most of the time, I focus on our current needs.  Right now, we are learning to crawl.  We are increasing solid food, and trying to curb the husband's enthusiasm for introducing finger foods.  We're dealing with teething, getting better at sitting up, and trying to learn to get to a sitting position from lying down or being on all fours.  We're also trying to learn to stop crawling on our brother's head. 

Every once in a while, however, the enormity of the task I have undertaken strikes me, and it scares the crap out of me.  Holy $&!+, I'm a Mommy!  I have kids!

How old are they before this stops hitting me?

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