Monday, June 28, 2010

Pulling Themselves Up!

H&K are both pulling themselves up to standing!

Our 'homework' for this two-week period, as assigned by the Developmental Therapist who comes to work with the guys, was to work on sitting.  They both sit unsupported, but you have to set them in that position.  They don't get into and out of sitting on their own.  My task was therefore to sit them, then place a toy just out of reach so they would have to lean forward out of the sit just a tad to get the toy, then return to sit.  Apparently, however, my guys have decided this skill is not on their priority lists. 

At first they started pulling themselves to standing instead of sitting while holding our hands.  Then, one day I'm sitting on the sofa and H's head appears above the top of the ottoman.  He had pulled himself up to standing all by himself!  Once he learned this, there was no stopping him.  He pulls himself up on the table, the walker, the walls of his play yard. 

Pulling up to standing never appeared to occur to K until after he saw H do it.  Two days after H's first big stand, K pulled himself up.  Neither is cruising yet, and neither seems to know what to do once they stand.  They just stand there laughing, but are unable to go anywhere or get down.

I just got used to them crawling!

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