Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reflux Back Again?

Our boys' reflux has gotten increasingly better, as promised, as they have gotten older.  We still thicken their formula, but not as much as we did before.  We also took them off their reflux medications.  I think a big help was when they started eating some 'solid' food -- purees and cereals and such.

Well, for the past couple of weeks, the reflux appears to be raising its head again.  It's not severe, meaning it's not causing their heart rates or respiration to drop dangerously low.  Nobody's turning blue.  In fact, they are still better than they were when we first took them off their meds.  Still, it's a bit of a concern.  They get these vurpy hiccoughs that sometimes wake them.  Today Henry spit up through his nose again, something he hasn't done for over a month.  It wasn't a huge amount of spit up, but enough to cause him to cough and sputter, which scared him and me both. 

I wonder if their recent addition of an albuterol inhaler is upsetting their tummies?  Perhaps it is teething -- they are drooling lakes and maybe swallowing all that drool is causing issues.  Maybe we're not giving them enough food.  I've realized that we're giving them a lot of formula and not much food.  Maybe they're ready to change that.  Maybe it's too much liquid and not enough substance in their tummies causing the vurpy-ness.  I'm starting, therefore, to stop the bottles in the middle and give them as much food as they are interested in eating before offering the rest of the bottle.  I'm also giving them two different foods at a meal instead of just one.  Hopefully this will work.  If not, we may be looking at another pediatrician visit.

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