Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Solution for Rolling Baby on Changing Table

Lately it's become next to impossible to change H's diaper because he spends the whole time rolling over, crawling away, trying to grab the wipes and lotion, looking at what's behind his head, etc.  This weekend, my dad had to bring a bare-bottomed H out into the living room to enlist help with the diaper change!

My first step was to re-arrange the changing table so the wipes, etc. are by his feet instead of by his head.  (I tried just pointing him the other way when changing him, but apparently I cannot 'change left.'  Who knew that skill would be side-specific?)  This helped,but he still keeps trying to roll onto his tummy and see what is above his head.

Today I pulled the old crib mobile out of the Closet of Outgrown Baby Stuff.  We never got much use out of the mobile, except for the musical mirror base of it.  I removed the hanging toys from the mobile, and tacked them to the wall above the changing table.

So far we've had two changes, one of them quite stinky, and H spent the time contentedly examining the toys hanging above him.  SUCCESS!  I imagine this will only last a short while.  I might buy more time by hanging different toys from the wall.  Meanwhile, however, I'm enjoying my temporary respite from what had become fifteen-minute diaper changes. 

At first I thought I would have to buy or design a mobile that would stick out from the wall and hang the toys directly above his head, but just tacking the toys to the wall worked perfectly.  Yayy!


  1. That's a really good idea! We're just getting to the point where they have started to be a little wiggly. I told my husband that it will only get worse when they're older..

  2. Thanks! They sell mobiles that hang from the wall for this purpose, but I figured I could rig something up for free if I thought about it.