Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Twins' First Memorial Day Weekend

Hubby got into town super late Friday night, actually early Saturday morning.  I didn't enlist a babysitter for the airport pickup, believing he would be getting in around their bedtime.  My thought was I could put them in their jammies, they would fall asleep on the way to the airport, wake briefly to see dad, then sleep on the way home where we would put them to bed.

After several delayed flights, phone calls to the airlines, and alternating beggint and charming the people working the airport gates, my husband managed the incredible feat of getting a flight home in the midst of a storm.  His flight got in at 2:00 a.m.  At 1:30, therefore, I got the boys out of bed and secured them into their carseats to pick hubby up at the airport.  Thankfully, they pretty much slept through it all and went back to bed when we got home without demanding an extra bottle.

Saturday the mother in law came to stay the night.  She is a delightful woman, but has very strong ideas about health and nutrition.  She feels that formula has no real nutrition and that we should be more aggressive about introducing the boys to a wider variety of foods.  She asked, for example, if they had tried broccoli.  I said I had bought some intending to make baby food from it, but then learned that broccoli is hard on young babies' tummies and is not recommended for super young guys.  I ate the broccoli myself.  She proceeded to tell me about all the nutritional benefits of broccoli.  Naturally, I can't argue that.  She is right -- it's super healthy.  I just don't think it's right yet for my guys.  She also thinks we should feed them more banans, since they are nutrient dense.

Bananas = Crack for Babies

The only thing I've found that the boys will eat past the point of being full is bananas.  They will practically impale themselves on the spoons to get it.  Again, I cannot argue that they are nutrient-dense and good for you.  We only give a banana every 2-3 days, however, as they are also high in sugar.  The boys get one fruit, one grain and one veggie every day.  Sometimes the fruit is banana, but sometimes it's apples, pears, mango or papaya.  We want to be sure they get a variety, and don't want to load them up with just fruit.

Other than that, and my husband arguing with her about politics, it was an extremely nice visit.  She loves to rock the boys and I tihnk they didn't know what to do with all the attention. 

She left Sunday afternoon, and the husband and I took a deep breath and enjoyed our time alone with the boys.  We took them for a little 'swim' in our hot tub.  They are getting so they really enjoy it.  They splash and laugh.

On Monday, we napped (oh, the decadence!) with the boys on our chests.  It was heavenly.  Then we went to a neighbor's for a Memorial Day BBQ.  It was all right.  We thought it would be more neighborhood people, however, and instead it was mostly made up of their church friends.  We are not their religion -- we are not any religion -- and felt out of place.  There were a lot of kids there.  A LOT OF KIDS.  Here's what I have learned about myself.  Even after having kids of my own, I still do not particularly care to be around other people's kids.  The host was very gracious, however, and we did meet a couple of our neighbors.  The boys seemed nonplussed by the whole experience, but it was nice to have them outside for a while.

It was nice, however, to get back home and feed them while watching Nurse Jackie. 

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