Thursday, June 10, 2010

Twins Nine Months Old!

I'm not sure why, but nine months seems particularly significant.  Maybe it's because a pregnancy is nine months (although mine was only six.)  Maybe it's because their adjusted age is now six months, a milestone age.  In any case, I find myself overwhelmed with thoughts of where we are now and how far we've come.  I'm amazed.  When they were new, I couldn't even picture us getting to this point.  We are so happy!

Overall, the boys are quite healthy.  They still seem to have a bit of reflux, but I'm not changing their sheets daily due to spit ups and we have no actual vomiting anymore. 
As for monitoring and episodes, the boys are only on their monitors at night now and the alarms rarely go off!  We do have more frequent false alarms when the guys scoot around and pull off the leads, but Kal hasn't had an actual alarm in a couple of months.  Recently Henry's apnea alarm did start going off a couple of times a night.  It was kind of terrifying for me, as I wondered if we were having a backslide.  He always self-corrected, but you always wonder if it was the alarm that woke him.  You fear that if the alarms were gone that he would just stop breathing and not self-correct.  He was also wheezing quite a bit during the day at this time so we took him to the pediatrician.  She gave us an asthma puffer.  We do that 2x daily, and have only had one alarm since!  Apparently his preemie lungs are irritated by the change in seasons.  This has really been H's only health problem.  For the time being, we continue our love/hate relationship with those wires on the kids' backs.

K has had a rougher time than H has had.  K had hernia surgery a couple of months ago, and a couple of weeks ago had an operation to open a blocked tear duct.  He wears a cranial band to round out his head.  He has 'c-pap nose.'  The center part of his nose was partially worn away by the C-Pap he wore in the hospital.  We are looking into plastic surgeons, but my pediatrician wisely suggested we see an ear, nose, throat specialist first to see if he has any structural damage inside his nose before we address the cosmetic issue.  He therefore has an ENT appointment for later in the month.  Whenever I say we not have had health problems, Hubby reminds me that our nine month old son has already been in surgery twice and isn't finished.  That makes me realize how my perception was altered by having preemies.  Before this experience, I would have thought it was horrible to have these surgeries on a baby.  Now I am grateful that the surgeries were not more major, and that so far all their health problems are correctable.
When they were born they weighed two and a half pounds each, needed machines to breathe and to keep their temperatures steady, and were hooked up to wires and tubes and IVs. 

Today the boys are army-crawling and getting up on all fours.  They have not put the two things together to actually crawl, but that is coming.  H actually took a couple of crawl 'steps' yesterday.  They are growing teeth.  H is getting his third and K is getting his sixth.  They chatter and babble at us and at each other, and squeal and laugh at the cats and at the dog.  Every day you see something new click into place, and it is the most amazing and wonderful journey.  I can't believe it was only a few short months ago that they were just sleepy little newborns.  Now they're active litte men!

How are mom and dad doing?  We're getting the swing of it.  We don't get enough sleep and are exhausted all the time, but we are loving every minute of it.  Since I have finally started venturing out with the boys to go places other than the doc, I've become a pro at installing car seats and folding up strollers.  People in public see me preparing two bottles and will ask if I need help.  I just laugh and decline.  I remember how helpless and inept I felt when the guys first came home.  Now I'm a full-fledged Mommy!  I'm starting to get my life back, am able to keep the house reasonably clean and laundry washed (not always folded.)  I do still feel odd due to the constancy of my life.  There is not much distinction between my weeks and my weekends, between my days and my evenings.  It's a strange feeling.  I also do miss the environment at my last job.  It was just a great place to be -- lots of fun, with lots of great people.  The thing is, these two guys are the most interesting people I've ever met.  I don't regret my choice to stay home at all.  In fact, the time is passing too quickly.  They will be two before I know it!

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  1. Wow! Congrats on the big 9 month mark!! I agree - it feels huge! Your family has so much to be proud of. Your boys are such handsome little men!! :-)