Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why I'm Still Sleep Deprived

At nine months old, the boys sleep through the night.  They have for quite some time.  Barring special events like middle of the night teething wakings, apnea alarms, etc. they sleep straight through.  Generally they are in bed by ten and wake around seven. 

So why am I still sleep deprived?  It's my own darned fault.  In a simple phrase, it's "Ahhhh Time."

The boys eat their last meal around 8:30.  The final feeding tends to be leisurely, and includes cereal as well as bottles.  After they eat, we put their jammies and apnea wires on them.  They then use their last burst of energy in a quick play time before they snuggle up and then doze off.  Often they are ready to be put down by 9:30, but almost always they are ready by ten.  We put the boys in their cribs, turn on their humidifier, and head to the living room. 

This is where the problem begins.

I rinse off the last of the dishes and start the dishwasher running.  At this point, anything left on the to-do list is officially tomorrow's problem.  The house is quiet, there is a ban on chores, the computer is off.  Ahhhhh!

Instead of sleeping, I post my bleary-eyed exhausted self on the sofa beside hubby, and we watch a movie or a couple of hours of TV.  This peaceful time to ourselves is too good to pass up.  We simply cannot resist it.  Around midnight we finally collapse into bed.  The next morning, as the alarms blare, we promise ourselves and each other that tonight we will go to bed at a reasonable time.  Evening comes, along with Ahhhh Time, and we find ourselves powerless to resist the allure once again.

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