Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Helpful Hint for Shopping with Twin Babies

Check the shopping cart seat belts before you start transferring the kiddos.

I don't know how other moms of twins do the shopping, but here's my method, now that they are sitting up:

Before they could sit, I used the simple strategy of pushing them in the stroller and not buying more than I could carry in a basket on any trip.  This, of course, meant that what we ate that week was largely determined by which side of the store I started shopping.  When the basket was full, I had stashed a couple of items below the stroller, and was trying to balance a couple of more things against my hip, it was time to go whether or not I had made it to the salad dressing aisle.  It also meant that heavy/bulky items such as our all-important Diet Dr. Pepper had to be purchased by Hubby on his way home from work.  It was an imperfect system, but was all I could muster.

Now I shop at a local grocery store that has double-wide carts.  I find a cart corral that already has carts in it, as far away from the store (and other cars) as I can find.  I park right next to the corral so I can grab a cart and deposit the boys into it without having to involve the stroller.  Parking next to the corral also ensures that at least one side of your car won't have someone else park impossibly close.

Yesterday, however, I parked next to the farthest out corral, got K out of the car, put him in the cart seat, and only then realized that the cart only had one working seat belt thing.  Aaagh!  It was the only cart in the corral.  Now I am faced with a small but pressing dilemma:  load K back into the car, take off my diaper backpack, and drive to another corral?  Nope.  I belted K in to the side with the seat belt, took H out of the car, and carried H, pushing K, to the nearest corral with carts.  Ever try pushing an unequally loaded shopping cart with just one hand?  I bet you have.  It isn't pretty.  Thankfully, one of the carts in the new corral had two working seat belts.  I transferred both guys to the new cart, leaving the rejected cart in its place.  Also thankfully, this was during a very brief break in yesterday's pouring rain.  I wouldn't have been able to maneuver an umbrella into this business.

The rest of the shopping trip went as per usual.  I made the mistake of dressing the guys in matching outfits which ensures twice as many people will need to stop us and talk to the guys.  Of course, it was pouring rain when we left the store and I never retrieved my umbrella so we all got quite damp but didn't actually melt.

In any case, I say to you:  If you employ the park-near-the-carts method as I do, inspect the carts before you start the car unloading process. 

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