Thursday, July 15, 2010

The 'Mango as Finger-Food' Experiment

Hypothesis:  Two babies who enjoy mashed mango and feeding themselves cereal puffs will greatly enjoy feeding themselves mango bits.

Experiment Group:  Twin Boys H and K

Method:  Cut ripe mango into bite-sized bits.  Present to babies on booster seat trays.  Observe while preparing mashed sweet potatoes and bottles.

  1. K is uninterested in feeding himself bits of mango.
  2. The dog is uninterested in eating bits of mango that have fallen onto the kitchen floor.
  3. It appeared H was enjoying the mango, but further inspection revealed a pile of mango bits discarded on the chair beside him.
  4. The dog remains uninterested in assisting with the cleanup efforts, which is a distinct departure from previous food experiments.
  5. Despite thorough wipedowns with a damp cloth, babies remain sticky until bath time.
Conclusion:  Try the carrots next time

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