Monday, July 12, 2010

Yet Another Specialist for My Little Man

We are unspeakably fortunate that all of our medical issues with the guys have been minor and/or cosmetic.  Still, sometimes, I wonder how much my little K can take!  He seems to have caught the brunt of the 'preemie' issues.  Are all premature twins like this?  Is one child often more 'premature' seeming than the other?

So far, since coming home from the hospital, K has seen:
1. A Neurologist to review a slightly abnormal MRI (turned out OK - thank goodness!)
2. A surgeon to correct a hernia
3. A prosthetics specialist to correct his head shape
4. An opthamologist to unblock a tear duct (we are so glad we did this)
5. An Ear Nose Throat specialist to ensure that the c-pap nose is only cosmetic and resulted in no structural damage.

At the pedi this morning, she confirmed he will also need to see a plastic surgeon to correct his cpap nose, which we did expect. 

She ALSO, however, said she would give us a referral to a different kind of specialist for his recessed chin.  I had noticed that K's chin was 'weak' from the get-go, but kind of thought that was just how he looked.  It turns out this is another preemie thing.  His jaw did not fully develop.  In breast feeding moms, this can inhibit proper latching but other than that I don't know if it is a health concern.  I don't know if his jaw is too small, or if it just sets farther back.  I don't know if this is a retainer type of device situation, or a surgery situation.  Either way, it's just one more specialist he has to see, and he's not even a year old.  Poor thing. 

He also has a third nipple.  Possibly a fourth.  And a birthmark on his butt.
Basically, K looks like a preemie and H doesn't.  The more we remove K's preemie-ness, the more he and H look identical.  I wonder if K will always look like a preemie to people who know about that sort of thing.

I'm doing a lot of wondering today.

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  1. Ah, the specialists. ;) I once wrote a post on 13 Specialists we saw the first year It's amazing how many different people become a part of your life when you have a very early preemie! Still, I would say you are spot-on in feeling grateful that you're dealing with (relatively) minor issues! :) I do not have twins, but- from the twin preemies I met in the NICU- I would say your situation is a pretty common one.