Thursday, August 5, 2010

Grocery Shopping Encounters

Here are three unfortunate encounters with other people I recently had when shopping with my guys:

First, I was with Hubby and the guys, when a woman approached us.  The woman was older- probably mid-sixties, and totally blinged out.  She wore big, multi-stoned rings, multiple necklaces, and had bright hot-pink nail polish that any nine year old girl would be proud to wear.  She approached us the way people usually do:  "Oh how adorable.  Twins?"  Then she TOUCHED them. Most people seem to know better.  Nobody pitched a fit because of her rings.  Both boys were in awe of the shiny sparklies on her hands.  As K gingerly fingered a particularly large ring, the woman proceeded to tell me, "When I was young and five months pregnant, my ex-husband punched me in the stomach.  After that I had three more miscarriages, but I've always loved kids."

Okay, that is a horrible sequence of events in her life, and I am not making light of it at all.  Who tells this story to someone they've just met at the grocery, though?  Seriously.  It put me off my day.

On a separate occasion, I was leaving the grocery store with my guys in the cart, and a man shouted out to me, "You shouldn't have these babies out in this heat!"  Really, Sir?  Really?  I blew it off like he was kidding, but I don't think he was. 

On even a different occasion, I was going through the checkout line, when the neighboring checker ran out of customers and turned her attention toward us.  By this time, I was tired and cranky, and so were the guys.  She didn't touch them, but she was right in their faces.  I'm just hoping we can get checked out and out of there.  (Plus, by the way, I really had to pee, and couldn't get the sopping cart with the guys into the restroom so was practically floating.  This did nothing to improve my mood.)  Well, K noticed her glasses and reached for them.  She let him touch them, then pulled them away.

He started to scream.

Now, K has something I call the Omen scream.  It literally sounds like four voices yelling at once.  I have no idea how he does it.  The first couple times I heard it, I checked him all over for broken bones, bites, bumps, positive that he was in agony.  Now I'm somewhat used to it, as it is just the sound he makes when he is angry.  This is the scream he pulled on the lady at the grocery store.

Is it wrong to be happy about this? 

My kid was screaming, but not hurt or anything.  The lady was beside herself, thinking she had done something terrible.  I thought two things.  One was a mental congratulations to K for letting her know she was annoying him.  The other was that she will think twice before poking at someone's baby next time.  I picked him up and he stopped crying instantly.  We all enjoyed water on the ride home, and I enjoyed their nap as I put away the groceries.

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