Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Working from Home on a Laptop With Tots

Let go of the cord, please, K!
H, you let go now.
I know, it's a pretty screen.  Wooooooooo.   Wooooooo!    Wooooooo.  (Moving windows around.)
Okay, I'll stop for a few minutes.  Bounce, bounce bounce!

Don't you feel like a nap?  Momma thinks you might need a nap.

Wait, just a sec, sweeties. Just need to send this email.   Wait!  It wasn't ready!

Where's my Alt key?  K, what's in your mouth?

(On the phone) Beg pardon?  I'm sorry, can you repeat that one more time?  Once again?

K, let go of the cord please.

Where's my Enter key?  Oh, in the plastic train, of course.


  1. Hi-I came across your blog by way of Multiples and more. This post made me laugh because I can actually feel your stress! I bring my girls to work with me, so I know how difficult it is! (but also great!)

    I have 10 (almost 11)month old twin girls. How old are the boys? maybe about the same.

    I love the pics!

  2. Our girls are 20 months old now, and I keep the laptop securely out of their reach. There was a period of time - before they became really mobile - when I could work a little bit, maybe sitting on the couch while they were on the floor. I used it as an incentive sometimes to entice them to crawl across the room. :)

    These days ANY electronics are like baby magnets, though. I don't even keep the cordless phone in the room with them, afraid they might call China! :)

  3. Haha! Yep, the laptop is now on top of the kitchen table, pushed to the middle of the table when I'm not using it. It gets plugged in when the guys are napping, and unplugged again when they're up.