Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who Goes to a Birthday Party with a Headcold?

Apparently my sister in law does.  About an hour after she arrived at the guys' birthday, she asked if we had any Day-Quil because she had a cold.

Now, our guys are no longer in their 'preemie/newborn bubble.'  They have proven themselves to be hearty guys.  We ask that people keep their hands washed generally, but you don't have to scrub before touching the guys and they crawl on the floor with the dog and all.  Still, to show up at any event with kids while knowing you are sick?

She's a sweet girl but lacks some common sense.  It was nice that she wanted to be there.  Her folks disowned us a while back so it is causing friction for her to even be in our lives. 

Still, as I sit here with my snotty nose and my two snotty babies, I can't help but curse her name - just a bit.

Here they are taking matters into their own hands.  They got their impatience from their Momma!

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