Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Babies Playing Tag!

So this has been one of 'those' days.  It hasn't been a horrible day or anything, just particularly draining.  Hubby is working from home this afternoon, and that makes the guys a little more ornery.  They can hear his voice, but he's in another room and that bothers them.  Plus, H has not let me out of his sight today.  If I go into the other room to change K, he sits in the hallway and cries.   (I can't let them run free in their own room or they dump out the humidifier and pull the wires out of their monitors.)  Even when I go to do laundry, which is just behind a baby gate where the boys can clearly see me, H stands at the gate and cries.

This is very very sweet and I know it's just because he loves me and is feeling poorly for whatever reason.  I don't mind at all, but it is EXHAUSTING. 

So I find a minute when H is busy with a toy to run and get the laundry out of the dryer.  Suddenly, I hear K squealing with laughter.  I peek around the corner, and I will try to describe what I saw.

K was crawling as fast as he could around the chair.  H was following him.  Every time K looked behind him and saw H there, he would squeal with laughter and crawl faster.  He crawled behind the sofa, then peeked back around the corner of it to se H still following him, and would squeal with laughter again.  This would make H stop, sit up, grin really big and sometimes giggle.  This went on for almost ten minutes -- K crawling around and behind things, H keeping up, and then them both laughing when K stopped to see H still behind him.

I am still tired and stressed, the kitchen isn't any cleaner and the laundry still needs folding, but there is a glow on the rest of the day.  I feel sorry for everyone who does not have twins.


  1. your boys are beautiful! you know it wasn't that long ago that my boys were that small but I can't recall them getting fixated on me when I would try to leave the room. I sure they had their moments. I know it's hard to get stuff done but somedays spending time with the little munchkins is what takes precedence. Times like this when it would be nice to have a babysitter.

  2. Second that - last sentence that is.......not all the time though. Your twins are CUTE. Thanks for stopping by!