Friday, October 1, 2010

H is Walking!

H is walking. He's not walking long distances or all the time, but it is definitely a walk. It is no longer pairs of shaky stumbling steps. He is upright and in control, and stops to sit rather than fall down. He has done it often enough that I no longer get misty eyed when it happens. It's so exciting! My little man.

K isn't walking yet but he can stand without holding on so we feel walking is not far behind. Meanwhile, he is doing things I think only other mothers can understand my excitement over. For one thing, he Claps. To me this is as exciting as walking. I know it's a cognitive milestone. Also- this might be wishful thinking but I think he's signaling when he's done eating. See, when we finish a meal I say, "all done!" and do the baby sign for finished. But then I applaud and tell them they've done a good job. Well, the past few meals k has started clapping as we near the end of the meal. Is he telling me he's full? The thought of that does make me weepy.
Thy both are getting better at turning pages and putting things into and under other things. They got so good at taking the pans out of the cupboards and banging them around that we had to install a pot rack to preserve my sanity and our tile floor.
They are getting so big and smart! Obviously they're both geniuses.

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