Friday, October 8, 2010

Is he Too Impatient to be a Dad?

When I was pregnant, I thought I would be the impatient one with the kids and Hubby would be a model parent. As it turns our, my patience springs eternal while he seems to get frustrated easily.

This goes all the way back to when they were tiny, when he would insist that they COULD hold their own bottles, they just didn't want to. I saw it again when they would drop their pacifiers and were too little to pick them up and would cry. He would say, "We CAN'T keep giving them a binkie every five minutes. It has to stop. You have to let them cry sometimes."  He would just get so frustrated!  His attitude about things like this have always bothered me.

So last night Hubby had his spit cup sitting on the end table. (I know - gross, right?  I swear we're not total rednecks, but we do a pretty good impression of them.)  Now, I have learned to keep anything spillable up on the countertop but he flat out refuses to make any allowances for the kids. After shooing H away three times, he became distracted and before we knew it H had pulled the cup onto the floor spilling nasty tobacco spit on himself and the floor. I ran to clean him up and get the floor cleaning stuff. I started swabbing at the floor while Hubby, in a loud accusing tone, asked if we had any stain remover.
"I've got it right here."
"But how much is even in it?"  He's exasperated now, probably because he knew we were running low.
"it's full. I refilled the bottle. "

Why get so annoyed to the point you assume we're out of stuff? Umm let's see. Is it the BABY's fault, or the person with the disgusting habit that requires him to have a cup of spit available at all times?

E motioned for me to get out of the way so he could clean the carpet. He said something about it being a two thousand dollar oops. Lately he's all bent out of shape about the carpet. We have three cats a dog and two babies. Our carpet didn't stand a chance. I know this and usually see the humor in the situation. The Hubby, however, gets annoyed.
The thong that really bothers me is I suspect his real frustration was being interrupted in the video game he was playing on the phone.
He gets annoyed in the evenings when they're tired and wound up and making lots of noise so he can't hear tv. He was annoyed when I tried to babyhood because it was an inconvenience. He gets annoyed when they won't eat. He gets annoyed that the house isn't clean nut then is annoyed when I try to clean after the boys go to bed instead of watching a movie with him. He is CONSTANTLY ANNOYED! It's getting hard to be around. I feel like I'm just a bother in his life and I don't want the guys to feel that way to. I've written this on my phone so I'm sure parts of it are illegible. I'll edit to Dix and aadd a pic when I get to my computer.

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  1. Oh boy - it's probably a phase and hopefully will pass fast. The grown-ups around my two have days when they think/expect the babies to be miniature adults. Iam sorry Rochelle, for what you are having to go through.