Saturday, October 23, 2010

My First Treadmill Since the Kiddos

The hubby keeps offering to buy me exercise equipment, and I keep telling him I simply don't have the time.  He does that, "Make it a priorit y" speech, but if he wanted it to be a priority, he'd take the kids to the park for an hour so I could exercise.  Anyhoo, he wound up borrowing a treadmill from his friend and I dutifully agreed to let the household fall apart around me to use it for half an hour when the kids nap.  Here's what happened.

I put the guys down to nap, looked for actual socks and lace-up shoes for about twenty minutes, got them on my feet, and faced the treadmill.  I started it up, cranked it to a whopping 3 - my previous life's standard setting - and immediately, huffing and puffin, cranked it back down to one.  At this leisurely pace, I started to sweat and even felt a little stitch in my side.  I'd been going for about four minutes.

That's when I saw it.  Our cat, who has been ill, sauntered into the middle of the living room.  Perhaps she sensed the guys were safely asleep.  I saw her start to squat.  I leaped from the treadmill, swooped down to scoop her up, missed her entirely, and fell headlong into the sofa.

I had forgotten the treadmill gives me something like sea-legs.  Stumbling as if drunk, head throbbing, I bounced back from the sofa and went at the cat again.  One thought pounded through my brain.


I fell straight onto my face, stubbing my toe on the coffee table.  Luckily for me, the dog got in on the fun and chased the cat around until she finally jumped over the gate into the laundry room where the litterboxes are.  The carpet was unsoiled.

I took my pulse, called it good, turned off the treadmill which was still running, took a deep breath and got to work unloading the dishwasher.

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  1. I promise I'm laughing with you (hopefully!) and not at you. Hahahaha!!!

    I am struggling to find the right time to exercise since our girls went to one nap (from 12:30 - 2:30-ish). I don't like waiting that late in the day to exercise and shower. I know one day, in another year or so, the girls will be old enough for me to grab a quick shower while they're awake...but having to cram a lot into naptime is definitely a challenge for now.