Friday, October 29, 2010

My House is Not as Filthy as it Seems

If you find yourself at my home at any given time on any given day, please know the following. I swear it's all true.
At some point within the last month all the paperwork on the kitchen table was dealt with and cleared off.
Within the last three days the floor was mopped and not sticky.
Within the last two days the floor was swept free of cheerios.
Within the last 24 hours all the dishes were washed and put away.
Within the last six hours the countertops were wiped off
Within the last four hours the high chairs were clean and free of food bits.
Within the last three hours the Tupperware was put into the cupboard and the toys were put away - not necessarily at the same time.
Within the last two hours at least one stray bottle was rescued from behind furniture.

When you come to my house and it appears that we live in squalor, as the cheerios crunch under your feet and stick to your shoes, as you trip over toys and I clear a spot on the kitchen table in front of an overflowing sink, please remember the house is not as filthy as you think it is. I have twin toddlers you see, and my home is as clean as it can possibly be.


  1. Amen!!! If I weren't living this, I don't think I would believe how many much's truly incredible. Maybe we should print something up, similar to the list on your post, to hang at the front door as a notice to all who enter. HA!!!

  2. Dear God cheerios - my twins are going through a we-will-not-eat-in-our-high-chairs phase. They will sit there for 45 minutes to an hour and not eat but the minute I put them down they will cry for food and take great pride in stomping around the house eating. As a result I have a buffet spread on the floor some days. The very last line of this post rhymes very well!