Thursday, October 21, 2010

We Survived Our First Stomach Bug!

I'm so relieved!

A week ago, I was struck by severe digestive-system distress.  In the interest of maintaining a polite conversation, I will leave it at that and spare the details.  I was extremely sick for a couple of days, but did not run a fever or anything. I felt a little motion sick and had an off-and-on headache, but mainly I was just having tummy troubles.  This is why I figured the issue was my gallbladder.  I've had trouble with it, and assumed that I had eaten one too many double-cheeseburgers and my body had finally decided to cut me off. 

I realized during this time that there is no sick leave from my job, and my two little bosses have a zero-tolerance policy toward absenteeism.  I struggled through taking care of the two little men and barely survived.  Once the war with my body had been waged, I armed myself with low-fat recipes and shopped for a couple of weeks worth of wholesome meals.  I rejoined our little society.

A few days later, K was pretty much refusing to eat.  I chalked it up to normal toddler eating fluctuations.  He was still taking formula no problem, so I didn't fuss over it.  Then bedtime came.  H went to bed fine, but K couldn't get comfortable.  Suddenly he spewed like the demon child he sometimes is!  The poor guy had a hard time with it, too.  He sputtered and coughed for a long time after, as we tried to suck the remainder out of his sinuses.  We tried to give him more formula, which he denied, and finally were able to put him to sleep.  Again, I figured it was one of those things.  I thought he had eaten something that disagreed with him.

Then 2 a.m. came, and H woke, crying, hiccoughing and fussing.  I picked him up and brought him to the living room to rock with a bottle of water.  Over the next three hours he proceeded to empty the contents of his stomach onto my chest, my arm and my back.  I was so proud at managing to not let any get on his jammies during the first event, but by the end of the third event both of our pjs were in a disgusting wet pile on the laundry room floor.  He finally settled and went to sleep.

The next morning, the guys seemed to feel okay but I decided to forego eggs and cereal for their breakfast.  I chose instead to just go with bottles.  At this point I was horrified at the idea that I had fed them something bad.

Was it the carrots?  They were in there a long time before I steamed them.  Maybe they were actually rotten?  Was it the yogurt?  It's that 'whipped' kind.  Maybe there's an evil chemical in that.  Was it their chili-mac?  We'd been working on it for a couple of days.  Maybe it tipped over into the not-good spectrum. Was it the chicken Hubby and I had for dinner?  Had I contaminated their bottles or something with raw chicken germs?  Had I essentially poisoned my babies? 

Bottles went well, both boys finished, then H smiled at me and Bluhhhhg! Out it all went.  Now I was worried.  Part of the blessing of ones so young is that you can lean on formula when other feeding options fail you.  If he couldn't keep down formula . . .

This is when Hubby finally came out of our room - Not wearing his suit.  He looked at me and said, "Okay, so I think it's safe to say it wasn't your gallbladder."

Once we knew what it was, it became a simple matter of management.  I was immeasurably relieved to find that H could, at least, hold down water.  I made a trip to the store to get Pedialyte for the guys, Immodium and Pepto and 7-up for the husband.  (Being patient zero, while having a certain amount of guilt, does have its advantages.  I couldn't imagine going through this while being sick myself.)

We went from water to pedialyte, to formula.  Last night I even, daringly, offered them yogurt.  This morning they had rice cereal for breakfast.  By lunch their appetites had returned and they were happily feeding themselves carrots and apples.  It was like a mini version of how you introduce babies to food, condensed into two days.  A lot of the experience was like having infants again, but easier because everything in the world is no longer an emergency, and because I kind of know what I'm doing these days.

This illness didn't come with fever and the guys overall seemed to feel okay.  Thank goodness!  This could have been a lot more difficult than it was.  They were droopier and crankier than usual, and I was up with H again last night.  He didn't actually spew but did sound kind of urp-y.  I am counting my blessings that I never had to change sheets in the middle of the night.  I know I could never do that without waking the other guy.  If sheets had been 'compromised,' I may have just slept in the chair with that baby.

Now the guys are playing in the tupperware.  The husband, shaky but alive, went to work today.  All the vomit clothes have been laundered and folded.  You would never know anything had happened. 

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  1. Wow, sorry to hear how you all got slammed with the stomach flu. I hate the stomach flu.
    Glad you are all on the mend!