Thursday, November 11, 2010

Frustrated. Found dog but can't help.

So what  am I supposed to do?  A dog showed up at my house. He's wearing a collar but no ID. He's super friendly, wet, cold, and LIMPING. 

In my previous life I would not hesitate to try to leash him then take him around the neighborhood finding his home. Now, however, I've got to think about my guys. Even if I did want to bundle them up and roll them around the 'hood, I don't want them around a strange dog. 

I thought about trapping him in the garage while contacting neighbors by phone and email.  I decided this is not a good plan.  I think he might have a better shot of finding his way back home than I do of finding it for him so I don't want to trap him in. 

Right now my garage door is open so he can hang out in there. I think I might have to close it, though. We keep a lot of stuff in the garage and I'm not comfortable leaving it open. 

I guess I just have to let him go his own way. Crap. What would you do?

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