Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Hubby Bashing

If the Hubby had verbalized what his actions would be for the past couple of days, it would go like this:

I'm going to wash the dog in the big bathtub, instead of one of the other two or the shower.  I won't bother rinsing the dog hair out of the tub when I'm done, so you'll need to wash the bathtub before you can bathe the boys.  In fact, I think I'll leave the bath toys in the tub while I wash the dog, so you will need to wash the dog hair and crud off of all of it.

I know I keep acting like you losing weight will solve all of our marriage problems, but I'm going to make homemade pizza.  I'm also going to act slightly annoyed that you don't cook dinner anymore, even though I specifically asked you not to, since we are both supposed to be on liquid diets.

I'm going to work from home.  I will close myself in the office.  Every so often, I will come out of the office, say hi to the guys, then disappear.  This will leave you to deal with two screaming babies when they realize I have closed them out.  Good luck with that.

In fact, why don't I wait until they are playing happily, leaving you and your laptop cord alone for a while so you can actually get some work done outside of naptime, then make one of my appearances?  I'd hate to see you get too much work done.  After I disappear, you'll be able to cuddle with babies.  That will, in fact, be all you can do so you may as well just shut down your computer as soon as I appear.

Oh, and you know how K is teething and both the guys are sick and it's hard for them to fall asleep?  Well, I'll wait until K has finished his naptime bottle and is dozing off, but crying every now and then as his urge to sleep fights his tooth pain.  Then I will emerge and ask you to take the guys into the bedroom so they are not in the background during my call.  I won't think about the fact that they do not nap in our room because they're so excited to be in there.  I won't bother with the fact that our bedroom is not babyproofed, at my request, so it is a nerve-wracking experience keeping them out of everything.  I won't worry about the fact that the cat has been sick all over the bedroom over the past few days, and while it has been spot-cleaned, the entire room should be shampooed before babies crawl in it.

I certainly won't worry about the possible consequences of interrupting naptime -- that they may not nap and may be terrors all evening.  I'll be sure and be extra annoyed if they're cranky this evening.

Of course, you could use this time to bathe them, except that the bathtub is full of dog hair.


  1. I'm sorry you're having a rotten week of it. I can't remember what I've shared with you before, but my husband and I have certainly had our struggles since the girls were born. Our girls are almost two, and, at least for me, things have gotten a little better. Don't mistake me for excusing his behavior (because it was truly inexcusable), but I finally realized that my husband just didn't know anything about what it meant to be a father. The most frustrating thing was that he didn't seem to care to try to learn. As the girls have gotten older and are much closer to "little girls" than "babies", he is relating to them much better.

    Sending you hugs...

  2. Thanks. It's hard. I feel like our marriage is going to fall apart, and I don't know how much more I can take. You always hear about how hard it is to be a SAHM, to give up a career, to leave behind regular adult contact, to submit to the somehow monotonous chaos of daily life. Nobody talks about how stressful it is on your marriage. I was beginning to feel like we were the only ones.