Friday, November 12, 2010

So Wear Pants Then?

I've seen it suggested that a SAHM should begin each day by getting herself and her children completely dressed. Everyone should be dressed as though they're going somewhere, even down to the shoes. I thought this was a good idea until I became a SAHM. Now I find the idea to be utterly ludicrous.

Two of the most important things in my life are ease and comfort. This is why the main distinction between my pajamas and my daytime attire is the addition of a bra. But this is not about me. ( I do, in fact wear pants every day, even if they are yoga or sweatpants or gym shorts.). It is about my little men. 

I will admit something to the Blogosphere that I do not admit to my own family. Most days my boys wear just diapers and nothing else. If we think someone might be stopping by, we put either t-shirts or full outfits on the guys. The decision of t-shirt or outfit naturally depends on who is coming over. I obviously realize my guys are old to be frolicking in baby skivvies all day, but it's so EASY. They can drink and pee and drool without winding up in soaked clothes. There is no need for bibs at mealtime. A damp cloth takes care of meal mess. Most importantly, it allows for much faster diaper changes. This becomes more important every day a the boys have developed an aversion to holding still that borders on panic. 

Alas, all of this now must change. 

Yesterday the guys were playing in the kitchen while I prepared their lunch. I hit the restroom, and when I came out I wondered what was on K's face. That's when I saw H. He was sitting on the floor, diaper expertly removed and slightly hooked around one ankle, cheerfully smearing poop everywhere. 

In one motion I grabbed a clorox wipe, wiped down the floor so K wouldn't get into it, and scooped up H. I carted him off to the nursery where I intended to clean his hands with wipes. As the wipedown began, I realized it wasn't just on his hands. It was EVERYWHERE. When I saw there was poop in his ear, I scrapped the wipedown in favor of a full bath. 

It was about this time that I remembered there was "something" on K's face. I investigated and, yep, it was poop. I hauled both kids into the tub where they happily splashed, oblivious to the horror they had just endured. 

Now the guys must wear pants even at Home to prevent diaper removal. I feel it looks white-trashy to have them just in pants so they wear shirts, too. Please don't ask why I had no problem with them in just diapers but can't have them in pants with no shirt. I can't explain it. 

This is why my guys are now fully dressed at home. 

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