Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Evolution of Bathtime

Evolution of Bathtime

Today the guys were splashing in the tub after less-than-graciously tolerating the business part of bathtime. They Were fighting over an empty shampoo bottle, turning faucets off and on, throwing toys over the edge, and splashing themselves and each other. On the towel rack above the tub still hung the bath sponge I used when they were tiny. I found myself on a trip down memory lane.

In the hospital, in the NICU, the guys bathed in the evening. I was only there for a couple of baths. We disconnected the guy from his wires and put him in one of those plastic hospital bins. You know those bins that you get when you have surgery - they contain a barf tub and a cup?  That's where we washed my babies. We lined the tub with towels to make it small enough, and kept the guys wrapped in warm cloths during the bath.

Once home, I couldn't attempt a bath with them both. I would wait until I had one awake and one asleep. I used the plastic tub a couple of times, then tried one of those bath sponges you put in the bottom of the bathtub. Finally, I just climbed in the bath with him, holding him on my lap while I washed him. The guys hated baths, but liked being held.

Later when they were almost sitting independently  I would bring both guys onto the bathroom, but would bathe them one at a time. I would put them each in a walker and let them roll around the room. They loved being in a generally unseen room and would bounce around. One at a time, I'd take them out of their walkers and bathe them, still in my lap. By now they were interested in the water and liked the bath. The problem was the process of taking one out of the bath, drying and diapering, and putting him in the walker generally made them unhappy. Plus, if while I was in the tub, the baby in the walker started to get into something, it was an extremely difficult and slippery maneuver to get us out of the tub.

Eventually I gained the confidence required to wash them both at once. The three of us would get into the tub together. I would hold one in my lap to wash him while the other started learning about splashing. H loved this arrangement. K hated it. Less confident in his sitting up skills, he kind of freaked out when it was H's turn to be washed to K had to abandon my lap. This period of time was full of many slips, banged heads, face first falls into water followed by sputtering, and the occasional difficulty getting up.

Now I tell the guys it's Bathtime. I don't think they know that word yet, but they follow me to the bathroom because they always follow me. I put them both in the tub, and I sit on the side of it with my feet in the water. The guys splash and play, and I try to get in there and wash them quickly without annoying them too much. Once they're rinsed, they fart around until someone slips or takes a toy from his brother and it stops being fun. Right now the hardest part is keeping everyone in a good mood while holding still for the drying and diapering. Then there's the issue of getting them OUT of my bathroom. Apparently that is the most interesting place in the world.

How things change!  I suppose this is news to nobody.

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  1. I missed thus post some how?!?!? Glad I stopped by to see it. Adorable pics of the boys! I actually used the bath seats when they started sitting on their own. Hope all is well! Andrea